Orion Biotech (Pty) Ltd is a South African company that develops and markets a range of world-class consumer products. Established in 2013 with a single product, Orion Biotech (Pty) Ltd has, in a very short time, grown to a point where it’s ever increasing product development pipeline has produced a number of high quality and innovative in two product ranges (nutriceuticals and health/personal care) that are being sold in major wholesalers and retailers in South Africa. The rapidly growing number of retailers selling our products include BP and Shell retail stores.  

Orion Biotech leverages its extensive background in product research and development in the Health and Fast Moving Consumer Goods industries to develop innovative and high quality consumer products.

A key part of Orion’s overall strategy has been in creating solid relationships with partners operating in the same industry:-

  • We have relationships with state-of-the-art manufacturers who provide a significant part of our production capacity;
  • we utilize the service of seasoned teams of product merchandisers who help in getting our products on leading retailers’ shelves and, to enhance our offerings; and
  • we co-develop some of our products with established product development partners.